It is a fact that we are living on a developed world and today we find that many people are using internet in their day to day lives to do one or two things. For those who are very familiar with it they get to know many things and anyone who is an internet user obviously knows about Google. We can basically say that it is one of the major search engines that people use to do their searches. It is among the largest search engine and every business owner works extra hard day after day to get their business on the first page of Google and that is why Google indexing is very important when it comes to marketing your business products and services. In this post we will be looking at Google indexing but before we get into detail about it let’s know what it is all about. Actually, Google indexing is whereby Google crawl or index your site or website so as to make it visible in the search engines although this depends on different factors. We have to note that a website that have just been created does not automatically appear on the search engines and this is because Google takes about 6 months before they can index the new website. This is simply because the Google spiders are usually busy and they have to plan their work accordingly.

The process of Google indexing a new website is slow and steady and this is to make sure that so that all internal pages are indexed but not all websites that are index by Google. The only reason that can cause this to happen to your site is when your website is banned by Google. It is also very essential to know that a part of the website may be indexed while the other part is not. This is facilitated by the following:

  • The design of the website this is because some design makes it difficult for indexing
  • If the web pages are not found during the process of crawling the website may not be indexed
  • Website that do not meet Webmaster Guidelines are also not indexed
  • When the website is not well linked through numerous links from other sites on the web.
  • If a website is moved to other address without following proper guidelines of moving a site also the website is not indexed.

When websites get listed on search engine results such as Google it gets exposed and this helps a lot in reaching targeted audience thus promoting your business. A website can be indexed in two ways. It can either be indexed when it is submitted in Google or when your website URL appears in any of the web pages that are already indexed by Google.

Benefits of Google Indexing

  • Google indexing assist in driving traffic to a website. When your website get indexed on Google you find that many people using internet get to know about your business as they are most likely to visit your website since it is exposed.
  • If your website is indexed on Google you can be expecting your web pages to be enlisted in a specific time.
  • Business owners or marketers benefit greatly when your website get indexed on Google as your business is most likely to get promoted in the whole universal this is because Google is the most potent search engine that majority of internet user make use of to do their searches.